End of the year prayer

End of the year prayer

God full of love,
We thank you for this past year
with its positive moments and its most difficult moments.
We thank you for the love we have received from family and friends
And for the successes we have had at work and at home.

We also thank you for the difficult times.
The moments in which we fight;
moments of challenge; moments of uncertainty;
the times we’ve been afraid
for our safety and that of our loved ones;
the moments when we lost our loved ones.

While we wait for next year,
We ask for your grace and blessing.

Give us health and strength;
give us faith and hope.
Send us Your Spirit.
Give us peace with the decisions we make.
Grant us joy as we look ahead and discern the future.
Above all, give us the love that will guide us
Through whatever challenges we meet.

Help us to walk side by side with patience and forgiveness,
placing our hands in the hands of Your Son Jesus.
He guides us and strengthens us.
He is always by our side.
He gives us hope.
He helps us to see, beyond the small “now”,
a bigger picture and a bigger dream.
The dream imagined for us by You, our Father.


Lord, God, owner of time and eternity,
Yours is today and tomorrow, the past and the future.
At the end of this year I want to thank you
for everything I received from you.

Thank you for life and love, for flowers,
the air and the sun, for joy and pain, because
was possible and for what could not be.

I offer you how much I did this year, the work that
I was able to do and the things that passed through my hands
and what I could build with them.

I present to you the people that I loved throughout these months,
new friends and old loves,
those closest to me and those that are farthest away,
those who gave me their hand and those whom I was able to help,
with whom I shared life, work,
the pain and the joy.

But also, Lord, today I want to ask your forgiveness,
sorry for the time lost, for the money wasted,
for the useless word and wasted love.
Sorry for the empty works and for the work poorly done,
and sorry for living without enthusiasm.

Also for the end of the year prayer  that little by little I was postponing
and that until now I come to introduce you.
For all my forgetfulness, carelessness and silence
I apologize again.

In the next few days we will start a new year
and I stop my life before the new calendar
still unreleased and I present you these days
that only YOU know if I will get to live them.

Today I ask for myself and mine peace and joy,
strength and prudence, clarity and wisdom.

I want to live each day with optimism and goodness
carrying everywhere a full heart
of understanding and peace.

You close my ears to all falsehood and my lips
to lying, selfish, biting or hurtful words.

Instead, open my being to all that is good
may my spirit be filled only with blessings
and spill them in my path.

Fill me with kindness and joy so that,
how many live with me or come close to me
find in my life a little bit of YOU.

Give us a happy year and teach us
to spread happiness.