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This is a book but it’s not just any books this is a hello fresh books it just arrived at the back to make someone’s day. That might look pretty simple there’s a lot of magic happens upon. Take the easy to follow recipes each week

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Hi I’m Patrick and I’m the head chef at hellofresh I’m pretty sure you know what we do by now but today I just want to chat to you a little bit about why we do it now I like fresh started a couple of short years ago a bunch of us got together and we had a big 3 we decided that we wanted to change the way people in this country but now what we see we haven’t quite achieved on 310 Bucks shopping in my living room and we send them out to the only people who would even consider buying from us the only people that everyone heard about was the friends and family but a couple of years lights up with growing so that this year alone will be sending out millions of meals

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recipe writers come up with quick tasty delicious ma’am the tried tested and tweaked and turned into a step by step recipe. There’s loads of variety in the dishes every week it means you’re always eating a healthy balanced and it never gets boring.



Then there are the fresh. It’s only meant for you in just the right amount so you can cook up each recipient without any lights. We scale the country one of the best seasonal produce from farmers and dedicated supplies so you don’t have to stress about shopping and meal plan. And the box itself is fully recyclable and your ingredients are protected by a 100 percent biodegradable insulation is also way less packaging than a standard supermarket shop so all that’s left to do is open up happiness in the box and decide which delicious dish your cooking up tonight.



If you’ll wait gets too busy for a box it’s easy to skip or stop your deliveries online otherwise sit back and relax as we deliver our ideas and ingredients ready to cook and watches you learn kitchen skills join you cuisines and become part of a community. Hello fresh it’s inspiration delivered.




I think one of the reasons why we’ve been able to get so far in such a short time because such great supplies we can trust them to send us the passport used by you some crowds what they did before the food even writes on articles we know that they don’t want the quality checks to make sure it’s absolutely perfect so when we send it to our customers we know they’re going to be happy.



We don’t just talk about looking off the environment because we think that that’s something that a company should. A lot of hard work into making sure that as much of the packaging inside the Holly fresh books can be recycled now our customers can respond to themselves and I’ve seen some very inventive places.



Sheep’s wool inside the box or if they don’t have the time to see that they can simply send it back to us on the one. Any problems they just need to call the customer service team and they can also any questions that may have. Facebook page every day people sharing photos.

It is like once a swap tips and how much. But it doesn’t just stop that I mean if the customers wants and needs us we have coffee mornings where we take them out we find out what their opinion is on that thanks recipes or will host city evening women come along they can meet the supplies they can try some office.



With a lot of food delivery services the service actually just finishes once the food of HelloFresh arrives in the door hello fresh for us that’s exactly where it begins we spoke through the recipes for all customers week portions out with the ingredients we’ve done the shopping for them we talked everything stuff all of that left with is the phone that cooking and eating. We saw hello fresh because we feel. Easiest route. Correct it is from scratch. We don’t just look also. So we feel like we’re making a difference. Everybody on the team. Right.