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Hi guys and welcome back to our web  if you are new looking for the first time hello and if you are a repeat offender or what I like to call part of my U2 family then welcome back
I’ve missed you guys if you miss me too if you’ve been keeping up with me on insta or social I have just been posted nothing because I’ve been so busy I’ve been working a little bit yeah and that brings me to today’s rewiev about Postmates
How do you know don’t even take a Gander that I should not have that I’m giving you better posting I’m starting a faulty not that it matters but I really found something that I think works to me on Instagram the I’m proud of that I wanted to show more of me so if you’re not fully me at Instagram at don and super super stoked lots of profits coming soon how to dress for your body just rocky self and be confident and I think we need a little more chocolate representation out there so Let’s get to the pharmacy to click for which is how to be a post made what is post mates like what it’s like to be driver do you make good money
is it worth it what are my tips what are my secrets what might happen all of the above so I actually have been doing postmates for a week now and I’ve been making pretty good money if you are looking to make quick money fast and easy this job is for you.
But you are going to have to hustle so I have notes on my phone that I’ve been taking over the course I’ve also logged a little bit time I insert some clips here there but I’m gonna give you the basics the tips I have the good the bad the ugly the pros and cons exaggerate okay we’re having technical difficulties with my phone so I had my laptop and let’s pray for the best because something is wrong with my I cloud and so I guess I’ll give you guys a little backstory as to why I started doing Postmates driver

How much win on Postmates: food delivery

I actually requested and filled out this information years ago probably 2016 because I knew that I needed a side hustle I needed to make money I never actually did it so then 1 night I’m flat broke right might because Nate I think it is negative $300 and I’m like how the heck am I gonna pay for this I don’t have a job I’m a student in school don’t ask me how may become a negative because I  have issues but I knew I had to get myself right and I had fallen off of my financial life again and all of that
so Mike what the heck can I DO someone care and I’m like I can nanny but I don’t like waking up early that’s just not me that’s why I’m in all online classes is because they just work better on a different schedule than most people have a lot of insomnia anxiety things that struck me out a lot of stressors that keep me up at night so I’m more just a night person and sleep during the day when it’s light out it’s what I have like
I said I have a lot going on up here Randomly it close my mind I’m like Postmates what I gotta find that debit card so I found it under my bed and in this when you sign up it comes with like a debit card  you can start delivering.

My expirience on Postmates: food delivery

So you activate your debit card download the free app and link your bank account right so like all right let’s do it so I do it and that same night that I had done it you go online so I go online and I’m just like waiting and all this and the phone starts drinking and I’m like what is this I looked down and it says there is an order for you to deliver so I’m I’m actually take it or not do we take it right now and I was nervous I don’t know what the heck I was doing but in my mind I’m like it’s basically right you just go pick up their food and drive so let’s do it
 I press accept and then it’s like okay had to this address and go pick this up and I was like well what like I I don’t know how to do this so then I just started doing it and then one thing led to another and I got an email about a bonus and incentive it was if you do 40 deliveries to make a minimum of $475 so basically after having 40 deliveries if you have not hit $475 total including tips and other incentives
I believe they will make up your difference so I’m like heck yeah I’m getting to that for 75 I’m getting that bonus I’m getting to do a part 2 for people who actually started driving I think because I have so much to say and I can tell you all about incentives and bonuses and hot spot but I want to keep this as just straight to the point is I can so if you would like to see a part 2 to get more in depth for people who have started driving for Postmates for the team to maximize our Postmates money click the thumbs up so I picked up my first order and I can’t even remember where it was from because I have so many orders ago and I delivered it to our house and I’m like okay I got this and the next thing you know my phone rings again one hour and I’m like okay so one thing led to another and then next thing
you know Las Vegas is the big city and it just goes in a big circle but I can see on my map all these different hot spots and hot spots are lit up kind of more right in that tells you there’s a lot of orders coming from the general area so first I was driving for Postmates to these hot spots in just driving around wasting my gas because you do have to keep in mind that you are going to be using gas for this and you’re going to need to have your tank basically not full at all times but and now to get you from a to B
was wasting a lot of gas and that was definitely depleting my Earnings and so in part to a kind of talk about how to maximize your earnings and not use all your gas and work all the hot spots whatever I was kind of a struggle but once I started to get the hang of it I realized that this could actually be a really great business endeavor for students like me who are looking for the extra cash but need kind of a schedule that is different from the rest also people who when you feel like going to work because you need money you go to work and people who you don’t want to go to work you’re having an off day whatever but you don’t want to deal with calling into a job and you’ll feel like flexibility this job is for you but I can’t.

We all may join Postmates

Really I cannot lie I cannot stress this enough this job is for the hustlers if you are willing to hustle if you are willing to be out there and have a lot of down time and wait and just keep pursuing every opportunity you can you can make good money from this but it is not for people who are looking for a quick easy Buck like taking surveys online there have been many times where there are good times I’m sitting in a parking lot with my car off my laptop in the passenger seat connected to some random stores wifi waiting for in order to come in a hustle is when you go when you are thinking what can I do to maximize my reading and get a better tip you are not going to make good money by just delivering and working off of deliveries alone you only make really good money based off of tips and that comes from being on time being early texting
them Hey I just picked up the order on the way anything else I can get for you napkins forks whatever I just think initiative I did everything they order one drink I grab 3 straws I got 3 strong because it’s just the extra mile at first no one was tipping it you can either get tips on the app or you can get tipped in person no one was helping me and I have been guilty of ordering Postmates and not to be my post me driver and now being on the other hand I can see that kind of sucks but I suppose we try every you actually cannot see what someone to queue for 2004 hours so you kind of forget and the next day you log on you like a $15 in here who tipped me and you remember people buy their order you can see this person to pay this off of this order and then like I really like that person’s advice it makes sense some people will say I got you on the Postmates
They don’t got you on the app I trust god 100 percent and you know what if I continue to do this I know he’s going to bless me and it’s just amazing that all the people he’s placed in my life via Postmates like I’ve been here I literally delivered this woman’s groceries and she hates everyone she contemplated everyone to Walmart and I showed up and literally she’s like I’m not sure the dog Whisperer like I love you he barks at everyone even my husband sometimes means he’s not barking at you he’s so calm she took me $20
because I just sat there and I listened to her and she had bad experiences with every single person and the guy told me be nice be careful she likes no one mentioned up loving me and you know what it’s because I’m more of just a delivery person I love people so if you want to meet new people you want to connect to people you just like I don’t know what the energy people give up I just truly care about them there’s something about seeing people’s eyes light up when their food is walking to their door like if you do post mates you will see in your walking to their door they’re not even looking at your face they’re looking at their food like thank you
 I promise you guys if you are willing to put in the effort and you are willing to stick it out you will get good money sometimes you might have done like I said sometimes might have nothing but success is not just given it is earned so put in the work put in the effort put in the time and it will pay off I promise you guys in a good energy that you’re giving out every single day in the world we’ll come back to you in all aspects of your life relationships roulette perk I was just a really interesting relationships friendships your job is being out in the general public what are your grocery shopping and it’s just like you feel the vibes of the people around you I really feel vibes and energy so anytime someone has negative energy it brings my level down anytime soon as good energy it brings my level up I don’t know I think that that’s was wired I did end up getting my bonus which was amazing it was an additional about $200 already on top of what I had made from the 40 deliver to Postmates
Because I’ve obviously made more sense because I think I’m around 5556 deliveries and I just log on every day around 10:00 AM and I keep it on until about 1 or 2 sometimes will even go to 3 just doing as many deliveries as I can and then shutting it off for few hours coming home recuperating and then going back out obviously for the dinner rush from 5 to 9 and it really really helps and I’ve noticed that some dad Dan days are like Mondays and Tuesdays the beginning of the week and they say that there is better and more deliveries on the weekend but I found a few out Wednesday Thursday it’s still the hustle is as good as Friday Saturday Sunday now.
I live in Las Vegas so for us out here it’s not going to be as good of a market as it is like in LA every time I hear about Ellie Postmates it is popping it’s like they don’t have enough people driving up there for as many orders as people ordering so they’ll have you driving like an hour both ways obviously I’m also from Montana was born and raised there I think I’m doing post mates in Montana it would be like almost making no money because everything in the city that I was born and raised in which is the biggest city is primarily pretty close and I just don’t really foresee a big market correct me if I’m wrong if any of the dollar in Billings my home city I know how close mates and it’s driving out there then just keep it going but obviously you want to be in a larger populated metropolitan area where they’re going to be people delivering there is so much more that I could talk about this

If you are looking for a sign to start post mates and to start earning extra money


but if you are looking for a sign to start post mates and to start earning extra money because you have no idea where this money is going to come from I do recommend it just do it for a couple days a week get those incentives get those bonuses they do say that a bonus will be paid out in 2004 hours fox then I contacted them they said 70 2:00 hours follow us then they really contact me tell me 7 to 10 days I think I ended up really getting it around like 70 6:00 hours Bob is a good person don’t tell me 2004 hours because I’ll be like it’s 18 hours 6 more to go it’s 20 hours for me to. Like checking my aunt because like I don’t wanna go play negative and in the hole but I actually got out of being negative quite before I even got the bonus that was amazing but like I said if you’re looking for a sign this is your sign go to Postmates and sign up fill all the information make sure you do it as soon as possible because it does take a few days to get your debit card in the mail and you cannot start to do the debit card activated so make sure make sure make sure you do that
I also had a code in invite code that’ll get me a bonus annual bonus if you use my code so if you are feeling like putting the good vibes to get energy out there helping me out and me helping you out and return with your bonus that would be greatly appreciated I love you guys so much if you feel like you know I’m not using your code she don’t even more money I don’t care about her don’t use my code I know that god has got me and he is working all things for the good of those who believe in trusting him so I’m just giving my trust and you know if you like girl
I usually got I don’t care sign up anyways get your money get your hustle because like I said when it comes to money and hustling like I’m all about it and I did not play so I love you guys so much I will talk to the next to you and make sure you leave questions below for part 2 I will just your question answer series what kind of answer some questions for you guys and also touch on the hot spot to getting the most orders possible that you can’t really working on getting those tips and anything else that I can help you with cell delivery guys of Postmates and talk to you next.