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This reason why  exist layer video is because to date the ad industry is an utter mess. All 3 parties publishers advertisers and users are fed up on the user side. User data is mishandled misused sold I knowingly and ultimately abused uses it because the sensitized advertisements and as a result advertisements and become stigmatized when they appear in most places on the web the result is extremely poor conversions that advertisers paying top dollar have to suffer with and in a vicious circle publishers get the short end of the stick because in a world where monetizing is so important and so necessary. created by  patrick colangelo

Your main conduit advertising is limited to banner ad inventory which is tap listed 0.002 percent of the time destructive interstitials which decimates sessions and user experience and some hybrid of both which frankly just don’t convert well. layer video


So our solution was to take a step back and say we can solve this through innovation in blockchain that we’ve done is we’ve built the first open source NLP protocol that takes video ads in places them into the text of the millions of websites in a scalable and hyper relevant way so that the choice of watching an ad for the first time ever it’s up to the user and the rewards go straight to the person who makes the entire eco system possible by patrick colangelo


Video point ties everything together as the medium of exchange the currency for making one tap purchases in the main sticking tool for advertisers to gain access to features in order to use the platform of layer video


One of the most exciting aspects of D. V. protocol the project as a whole is the fact that it truly has the potential to be a conduit for millions and millions of people to. First become introduced to cryptocurrency the blockchain world and who may have not experienced yet. We specifically architected the embedded there to be easy to understand fun to use


Name 5 it also really cleared its value proposition anyone processing system whether you’re a holder of cryptocurrency. In a believer in the future blockchain for just the consumer or known visitors on any website. And I think that’s one of the things that makes the project so.


The fact that we are actually one of the few projects on the market today that’s true the consumer facing and can be production ready on launch day and the partnerships that were currently making with massive publisher speak for themselves and are a testament to that what this means for the record holders and believers in the project


Is that. If you will have access to. Tens of millions of users through the bed there on day one and it’s. It’s immediately clear to users who come to a site that they can earn. They can enjoy and be immersed in video in a rainy way without actually having to be acclimated to the blockchain world for that as a result we’re confident that we can be a great driver for awareness for the future blockchain and to expand the size of the system in the number of people who are interested in cryptocurrency.


The team is comprised of 15 engineers based here in San Francisco with core strengths in natural language processing artificial intelligence video processing and big data. We’ve come together to solve one of the internet’s greatest problems in most systemic challenges adds.


The team itself has amassed tens of millions of users across ventures that we started and we sold. Filed a multi $0 patents and. Has enjoyed decades and decades of experience in the software development world. We’re well suited to solve this massive problem and the way that we’re approaching it is through innovation on publisher website template of


The box thinking and by harnessing the power of blockchain the British to transparency and judicious advertising to the industry of publisher website template


In today’s online ad industry advertisers lose up to $16000000000 a year to. This has resulted in a lack of trust that paralyzes the industry luckily this is reinventing how the internet. In just over 3 months he has acquired over 50 publishers more than 3000000000 monthly page is the first decentralized video ads to embed video behind the text of any website


while using natural language matching our ads are placed in an invisible layer using the industry’s first open source NLP consensus protocol driven by mine and miners are rewarded with pretty cool with each video and taken from the advertisers to the publisher when you come to paint you see video that you can hold down to reveal relevant video every time you watch you learn.


Swipe up to purchase products with just one tenth this is the way it should be done welcome to the future of advertising welcome to


What is the most powerful aspects of DVD project and the bed layer itself is the fact that there’s no required switching costs in order to reap value from. There’s no new browser they need to download we need to use there’s no changing habits in terms of the way you view content for the typical websites that you frequent on a daily basis there’s no need to install and there’s not even a require sign up process as a user.


Your existing route your existing day online is unchanged we’ve done is we’ve architected a platform that rests silently atop the existing infrastructure on the web so that whether you possess cryptocurrency and have immerse yourself already in the world of blockchain we’re just starting out. You’re able to read value immediately from a feeling do you see on any website by just holding down and that’s the power of the platform where we can reward people for their interest in


This is today spend billions of dollars optimising dear user funnel and ultimately their check. The results. Is less than 3 percent.


Of users who go through those files and arrive on the checkout page end up successful purchase. What we do is take that successful conversion down from 5 taps. 5 steps. If you want to purchase. That is accessible on the 5. Membership in the system.


Our place to me is the most fascinating aspect of the project miners drive all the new ad placements via an open source NLP consensus there which is the world’s first. We take the U. S. I’ll put it to us by our partner advertisers transcribed and then analyze them for their national meeting sentiment in key words. We didn’t match these video ads across hundreds of millions of web pages based on natural language relevance campaign demanded corresponding inventory.


The final step in the protocol takes the user’s data profile which is containerized and smart contract. In the pharmacy as a filtration mechanism thereby willing down all available in a few matches for specific page to the most relevant for that specific user when they visit that page the result is that you and I will see something completely different here on we hold in the same sentence on the same web page.


The protocol chief all this in mere seconds in real time. And reports directly back to immutable ledger all performance data in place in data. This means that now advertisers don’t have to wonder where when and why their video ads in their ad dollars are being placed in specific inventory and just completely obliterates the potential for fraud. Which leads the industry to the tune of $16000000000 a year.