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Bloodshot stars vin diesel S. what the Globaltv is his name goddammit I don’t remember his name ray garrison bloodshot stars vin diesel as ray garrison a soldier gets killed he wakes up in a facility and guy Pearce tells him that he’s been reanimated he’s been brought back to life

Any as nano bots for bloody can’t be wounded his body instantly heals itself and he has super strength so he sets off on a revenge path to avenge the death of his wife the trailer gives away quite a bit though and it makes the movie at Globaltv  a little bit different than what it is and so I’m not gonna get into too many plot details more than that

You’ve seen the trailer you’ve probably seen way more than you should the most interesting aspect of the movie are ruined in that trailer so actually watching the movie for about an hour I was like very bored because I knew exactly what was going to happen I knew everything that was going to happen in fact and there was no surprises blood shots are really bad movie in Globaltv it’s actually one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen in a long **** time

This movie stream series free was hilarious I laughed quite often I am a fan of vin diesel because I’m a fan of him as a person he seems like a very good guy he seems like he genuinely cares about people and that’s cool but man nothing about men.

He’s really bad in the movie his delivery of some of the emotional scenes was laughable there’s some scenes at stream series free where he just feels like yelling the whole time he sort of thinks that acting is yelling or being really quiet.

He doesn’t seem to have like a middle ground in the film and some of that could be due to direction I’m not entirely sure this is a first time director of features anyway and while this stream series free is very messy the screenplay is all over the place

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character motivation feels very much thrown out the window there are times where it it’s tough to really understand why people are doing things the good guys and the bad guys in the movie are so obvious with with no subtleties whatsoever everything just hits you over the head like a sledge hammer including the endless exposition scenes where everything is explained to people and everything is clearly spelled out to us idiots in the audience stream series free the screenplay was co written by Jeff Wadlow who also directed fantasy island yet another film that came out this year where exposition was delivered to us as if we were drooling morons I’m starting to see a trend here however you can definitely watch this movie from a guilty pleasure

Standpoint you can sit back and forget about things and laugh because this movie is so stupid and it is so brainless the action is like the most 2003 look in action stream series free I’ve seen like for a couple years it really looks like daredevil with Ben Affleck it was just people CGI bodies falling on top of each other through the air it was like some **** spider man 3 **** while I don’t even know what they were thinking the action is so over reliant on CG I it’s very distracting seeing a fully digital

vin diesel fall through the air punching some point looks **** up makes it I honestly don’t know what they were thinking I’m going to give blood shot at D.. I think this movie. I was kind of a mistake it’s it’s bad guys it’s not good yeah but you can definitely watch it and laugh at that’s for sure so some **** is going on in the entertainment world over the past few hours and I’m gonna make a video about it a lot of movies have been cancelled and I want to talk about what I’m going to be doing on my channel over the next month or however long it takes

For things to figure themselves out with this current corona virus scare and I just wanted to sort of let you guys know some of the stuff I’m gonna be doing so look for that video very soon you guys are the best thank you so much as always are watching if you like this you click right here and get stuck minimized.


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